“Buyer Beware” of Some Protein Powders

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“Buyer Beware” of Some Protein Powders

A new report examines the quality and safety of protein powders, and the results are not comforting.

A new report examines the quality and safety of protein powders, and the results are not comforting.

What price would you put on having peace of mind that your body is receiving quality protein daily? Consider that a recent report from ConsumerLab.com found 31 percent of other protein powders reviewed failed to meet the claims they advertised and/or were contaminated with excess heavy metals.

Protein-Based Products Tested

For the report, ConsumerLab.com bought, tested, and analyzed the quality of 17 protein-based products that are used for everything from bodybuilding to weight management. What they found was surprising: some protein powders exceeded limits for lead, contained more carbohydrates or cholesterol than advertised, or less protein than advertised.

Five of Seventeen Protein Powders Receive “Not Approved” Grade

A total of five products out of the 17 tested were found to have serious enough flaws that ConsumerLab.com gave them a “Not Approved” grade—as in “Buyer Beware”. The products were tested to check the accuracy of label claims (total calories, total protein, etc.) as well as possible lead contamination. The products that raised red flags were then sent to another independent lab to confirm the findings.

Of the five products that failed to meet testing requirements, quality problems they had included:

  • Less protein than what’s listed: One product actually had 16 fewer grams of protein than listed on the label—that’s almost 70 percent less! Also, the same product had 16 more grams of carbs than listed, including 3 extra grams of sugar.
  • Contaminated with lead: One protein-based meal replacement shake had 12.7 micrograms of lead per scoop, which can exceed daily limits (as outlined by U.S. and Health Canada regulatory guidelines) if two or more are consumed daily.
  • More cholesterol and calories than what’s listed: One product that claimed to have “0 mg” of cholesterol actually had 10.2 mg. Another product had 25.7 additional calories per serving.

For consumers who are looking to meet health or athletic goals with products like these, it’s easy to see how inaccuracies could be problematic. That’s why it pays to have a company like Isagenix with a “No Compromise” quality policy.

Isagenix products are rigorously tested to be sure they meet label claims. This means that when the label says “24 grams protein,” it’s what you’re getting. Our Isagenix Quality Assurance department performs routine testing of label claim accuracy for the duration of each product’s shelf life, too.

The strict quality policy at Isagenix also involves testing of raw ingredients and finished products for microbial activity, pesticides, and heavy metals including lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Isagenix uses independent laboratories for testing to guarantee quality and safety.

The process that Isagenix uses for continual inspection of raw materials and analysis of finished products is an expensive enterprise. Because of the high cost of testing, other companies will often cut corners and avoid such extensive testing. At Isagenix we believe that meeting and exceeding safety guidelines is absolutely necessary as integrity and the health of our customers, friends, and family is paramount.

Once again, as evidenced by this latest report from ConsumerLab.com, you just can’t trust every protein powder or drink product you come across. See IsaPro and IsaLean Shakes.

Reference:  Product review: protein powders and drinks (for body building, sports and dieting).ConsumerLab.com 2013.

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