Dairy-Free, Worry-Free Protein For The Whole Family

 Dairy-Free, Worry-Free Protein For The Whole Family

Introducing the first dairy-free addition to the IsaLean® Shake family–new Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Shake.

A shake for the whole family

A shake for the whole family

Introducing a new dairy-free protein alternative perfect for just about everybody. Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean® Shake is a healthy boost of natural, plant-based protein, ideal for the whole family. It’s the latest premium Isagenix® meal replacement shake featuring a uniquely formulated protein combination called Phyto-IsaLean Complex™, which is a blend of natural pea and hemp protein to maintain and build lean muscle while supporting healthy weight management.

Available in a 14-count box of convenient packets, Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Shake is lactose-free, gluten-free with no trans fats or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It’s also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, follow vegetarian or vegan diets, or any lifestyle.

Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean® Shake is a healthy boost of natural, plant-based protein, ideal for the whole family

Mom-kids-300x300The Benefits Keep Stacking Up

So what’s so unique about the natural pea and hemp protein in our Phyto-IsaLean Complex? Together, these two proteins are superior choices for plant-based protein due to their complete amino acid profile, says Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator John Anderson.

Whole Family Can Benefit

“We wanted to create an all-natural, whole food shake that was as nutritious as possible. Our methods of low temperature spray drying ensure we have  unprocessed foods containing all their natural vitamins and phytochemicals,” shares John. “Sprouts, vegetables and fruits are the source for the naturally occurring vitamins.” John informs us of the real benefit of new Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean® Shake; “Everyone, not just vegetarians, should incorporate this shake in their nutritional arsenal of food supplementation.”

Pea protein is also great for satiety (fullness) and exerting antioxidant and immunity-building activity.

IsaLean Shake Natural Berry Harvest is safe, sensible and effective for both children and adults with complex dietary needs, especially those with dairy and soy allergies or the nearly 50 million of us in North America who are lactose-intolerant. The whole family benefits!

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