Wow! I’m Back!

Wow! I’m back!

by Judy Eddolls

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been out of touch with the website for awhile. I had decided to let Allan take care of the website, while I pursued other avenues.

A lot has happened over the last couple of years. When I last blogged, we were expecting # 10 grandchild. Emmett is almost 2 years old now. That same son, Mike, has now had his 2nd child, #11 grandchild for us, little miss Avery who turned 5 months old today. Our youngest child Alyssa, now 26, is in the Air Force and recently was married on the 20th of July. Our oldest son, Marc, suffered a serious motocross accident, July 4th of 2012. He suffered a compound fracture of his left femur. After a year of recovery he went back to work in July of this year.

Life has been a marathon of activity for the last couple of years. Allan and I have been back and forth to California numerous times for family activities. My mom , who is now 95 years young is still hanging in there. She is still using the Isagenix products, and I believe they are contributing to her longevity. The family had a big birthday Celebration for her in June, with 85 people attending. That number included her 8 children and a good portion of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mom has 22 grandchildren and 38 great grandchildren. We all had a great time and she was a little overwhelmed.

I stated that we had 2 new grandbabies added to the family and of course we had to be out there for that. I am happy to say that Emmett loves the vanilla shakes as do his daddy,and his mommy. Melissa  used the shakes during her pregnancies and is continuing to use them while nursing. She knows that the nutrition is a benefit to her and the kids.

Marc, who broke his leg, continues to use the products as well. It helped to know he was getting great nutrition while he had to be on heavy pain killers for his injury. Praise God, he has been able to return to work.

I can’t forget the 2 sons who are here in Arizona. Between them they have blessed us with 7 grandchildren. They are both working hard in their respective computer businesses. Greg has managed to publish a book and Patrick has a Christian band Covenant31. They were blessed to be picked by Mercy Me to open the Rock n Road show in Phoenix last year. You can listen to them on Pandora, youtube and their own website.

Of course we had to be there for our daughter’s engagement in May and her marriage in June. Two trips I would not have missed for the world. Scatter in visits to see mom and the grandkids and we have put many miles on the car. Thank God for Isagenix residual income that not only allows to keep us using the products, which keep our energy levels awesome, but allows us to travel and keep up with family.

So I think I have caught you up on our activities. If it were not for Isagenix I think we would each have one foot in the grave. Consider taking a look at the awesome products and maybe even take a peek att he business side of things.

Have a great August and wow, the Holidays are right around the corner. Love to all, Judy

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